Patient Research

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Comprehensive Reviews of Current Treatment Options

In addition to the challenges patients face in understanding their underlying disease conditions, they face even greater difficulties in fully understanding the potential treatment options available to them.

These difficulties are the result of an imbalance of information between the medical community and patients. While medical professionals have access to strong scientific backgrounds and information sources, patients find it challenging to understand the basic science underlying treatment options, including mechanisms of action, indications and usage instructions, contraindications, side-effects, etc.

As the main challenge lies with inadequate explanation and background information, as well as use of overly complex medical jargon, our comprehensive reviews focus on presenting information from first principles using non-technical language to ensure that patients can fully understand their treatment options.

If you would like further information regarding our treatment-level reviews for patients and other interested individuals, please feel free to browse our website and/or contact us directly at or via our contact form.